Information on the Types of Pneumatic Cylinder

Information on the Types of Pneumatic Cylinder

A pneumatic cylinder is a mechanical component. It is mainly used to produce force by using compressed air and move other components like a piston. The pneumatic cylinders are used in various applications.

Some people also call it the air cylinders because it uses compressed air to apply force in a reciprocating direction. It is a useful component and many engineers have applied it in their mechanical devices.

The pneumatic cylinders produce force without using liquid. This cylinder does not contaminate other components of the machine by dripping liquid. This feature of this cylinder makes it the best choice for many applications. There are mainly 4 types of pneumatic cylinder and those types are explained below.

SAC (Single-acting Cylinder):

There is a reason behind calling it single-acting cylinder and that is its way of producing force. The SAC uses compressed air to produce force in one direction. It drives force only in one direction. A spring pulls it back in its home position and then it repeats.

The single-acting pneumatic cylinder is applied in limited devices due to its workability. Most of the force produced by SAC wastes in pushing the spring. It doesn’t seem appropriate to move heavy pistons because it will not generate enough power to push the heavy piston.

DAC (Double-acting Cylinder):

The double acting pneumatic cylinder is slightly different from SACs because this cylinder applies the force to push the piston out and pulling it back.

In mechanical terms these two operations are called oustroke and instroke. So, DAC comprises two ports to draw air. One port draws air for outstroke and another port for instroke.

The air is used for performing both operations. Stroke length can vary according to the design and size of the pneumatic cylinder.

The telescoping cylinder:

As the name suggests, this pneumatic cylinder extends like a telescope, when the force is applied.

Either a telescopic cylinder can be single-acting cylinder or the double-acting cylinder. The telescopic cylinder uses a piston rod to extend its stages, when compressed air pushes the piston back. This cylinder extends stage by stage and takes a shape like the telescope.

Yes, this type’s pneumatic cylinders are used in various applications.

Rodless cylinder:

You can find many types’ rodless pneumatic cylinders. This type’s cylinders comprise two metal sealing bands. The first metal band is installed inside the cylinder to maintain the air pressure.

The outer metal band holds the inner metal band on its position. The working way of rodless cylinder is quite different from other three types’ cylinders, but this component is used in several applications.

The pneumatic cylinder manufacturers build all types’ pneumatic cylinders. One company called E-pneumatic is best known for their cylinder here is their site. These cylinders are mostly used by the companies that produce mechanical equipments.

From show off products to manufacturing machines, the pneumatic cylinders are used everywhere. Engineers consider it as the best type of cylinder because it works silently. The air pneumatic cylinder never makes noise like other cylinders.

Its force producing capacity can vary by depending on the type of the cylinder, but its features would remain same.

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